11 Variations for Piano op.2 - Sheet Music

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11 Variations for Piano on the Bulgarian folk melody „Hoisata“ op.2 – Sheet Music 

„Hoisata“ is a Bulgarian folk dance from the region Schumen, in the asymmetrical meter 9/16 ((9/16=2+2+2+3/16). Bulgaria and Macedonia are the only countries in Europe, whose folklore has an enormous amount of asymmetrical meters. The rhythmically irregularity, which leads to odd and changing meters is unique. 

The Bulgarian word „Hoisa“ means round dance, and also jump, shake oneself. The dance is fast and happy, with vigorous jumps. It is danced by mixed pairs of a man and a woman. The Bulgarian revolutionist Rakowski wrote, that in his time (middle of the 19th century) the folk dance „Hoisata“ was very widespread and popular in Bulgaria. 

Dedicated to Milena Goleva. Published by Daga Plus , Bulgaria

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